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I woke to a radio report that the Zeppelins were on the move again. Bewildered, I rose to look outside. My breath caught at seeing shadows move across the grass.

“Get dressed,” my wife ordered. “They’re leaving.”

I did and then we ran down restless streets. I caught dreadful glimpses of them between buildings until the sky opened up and there they were, hovering with terrible efficiency.

“Zeppelins were never supposed to be used again.” I turned to my wife in confusion. “Why didn’t they tell us?”

Her expression pushed me back.

“How could they have been any more obvious?”


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There had been countless days and nights of flinging himself against the arguments of futility. Finally, this thing born in the hollow spaces of his mind had become fact. Now, just in time, at the right time, he could agree that spending so much time in the grip of the abyss had been worth it. He led the mechanism into the King’s presence. Within his gestures of presentation was the careful push of a secret lever. The mechanism’s first startled, and then delighted, the court.
“Well done,” said the King, “on winning the day. I may yet spare your life.”

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