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The Mediator

Omaha, Nebraska, August 22, 1919

The man who is riding sixty miles per hour in a big machine is no happier than the man who is riding thirty miles per hour in the flivver, because the man in the flivver thinks he is going sixty. – Cincinnati Enquirer


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The Mediator

Omaha, Nebraska, August 8, 1919

Krug park is attracting many big picnic parties these hot days and evenings. The Brandeis stores employes were there Tuesday evening, nearly a thousand going on special cars.

The big bathing pool at this popular resort is one of the big attractions. The pool is the only one of its kind west of Chicago and its technical construction makes it one of the finest in the country. Every evening it is a sea of swimmers. The water in the pool is changed by an automatic arrangement every thirty minutes, which insures absolutely fresh water all the time.

The amusement features of Krug park this year include everything that can be found at the usual summer resort. The big dance pavilion is one of the most popular spots on the ground. Hundreds of couples visit the pavilion nightly and dance in the open air.

Manager Kenyon has a most unique but perfect system of caring for the comfort of the crows that visit Krug park. Rowdyism is not tolerated. Automobile parties find convenient places for parking and picknickers are given plenty of space to enjoy their spreads.

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