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The Mediator

Omaha, Nebraska, August 22, 1919

The man who is riding sixty miles per hour in a big machine is no happier than the man who is riding thirty miles per hour in the flivver, because the man in the flivver thinks he is going sixty. – Cincinnati Enquirer


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The Mediator

Omaha, Nebraska, August 1, 1919

Appalling Loss Causes Rail Officials to Take Up Safety First Slogan.

Regional Director Bush of the southwestern region, United States railroad administration, reports that for the first four months of 1919 thirty persons were killed and 180 injured in automobile accidents on railroad crossings on the twenty-three railroads in that region. In view of this appalling number of accidents and the increasing number of automobiles throughout the territory served by these roads an active campaign against such accidents has been instituted.

During 1917  1,777 persons were killed and 4,356 injured on railroad crossings in the United States; 4,243 trespassers were killed and 3,829 injured during the same year.

By perfecting a safety organization of railroad employes a remarkable reduction in accidents has been made. During the month of May reductions of more than 50 per cent were reported and on the Missouri Pacific railroad alone a decrease of seven injuries daily since August 1, 1918, has been made. This has proven that accident prevention is a matter of education.

“Safety First” has proven a profitable slogan for railroad men in the way of life and limb saved, and there is no doubt but that it would result in surprising decreases in casualties if adopted by the general public.

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