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The Mediator

Omaha, Nebraska, August 22, 1919

Many old time actors and actresses, who have in recent years joined the “movies,” held a reunion in New York the other day to talk over old times and new creations. It was a time for reminiscence and they enjoyed the occasion to the fullest extent.

Actors who trod the boards ten and fifteen years ago together in a play that thrilled New York, had a reunion last week. They talked over the olden days when movies knew their place and left the drama in peace.

The players were members of the cast that supported Amelia Bingham in “The Climbers.” The place of their reunion was nothing more or less than the Vitagarph Brooklyn studio.

The films had finally reached out and gathered these artists. They will reproduce on celluloid the play that made them famous.

Frank Loomis, casting director for the Vitagraph, believes he has accomplished a notable feat in mobilizing the principal players of “The Climbers” to appear in Vitagraph’s reproduction of that state success.

Miss Corinne Griffith will play the star’s role. Tom Terriss is director. James Spottswood, who played the role of Trotter in the state version, with Miss Bingham, repeats that performance in the film. Percy Marmont, also a member of the earlier cast, is in the film. Miss Emily Fitzroy, a well known state favorite, has an important part.


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The Mediator

Omaha, Nebraska, August 15, 1919

Plenty of novelty will be found in the vaudeville bill at the Empress this first half, a wide variety of entertainment being offered. Despite the unusually warm weather, long lines continue to gather, the theater being the best equipped house in town for supplying comfort to its patrons, with its typhoon fan system now in operation.

A miniature musical comedy offered by Bobby Barker and his Studio Girls will provide the stellar attraction. All the plotting is done to music and song and the act, with its beautiful scenery, pretty girls, clever costumes and pleasing music, is a big success.

Yorks and Marks, two splendid exponents of the so-called “nut comedy,” have an offering that can be classed as a sure fire hit. These boys vocalize pleasingly and offer some late steps in dancing.

Manning and Lee are a clever team of entertainers, who sing and dance and make life worth living if laughter is any criterion.

The photoplay attraction for the first half will be “The Serpent,” featuring Theda Bera. The play deals with a beautiful Russian serf girl, who, trodden beneath the heel of a grand duke, bares her fangs at mankind. The feature is reported to be the most elaborately produced and provides for the star a role of striking contrasts, calling for strong, emotional work.

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The Mediator

Omaha, Nebraska, August 15, 1919

Omaha’s theatrical season opens tomorrow night, when Manager Johnson will turn loose Al Reeves and his Beauty Chorus at the Gayety theater. Sunday night Billy Byrne will again have the Orpheum in full blast.

As usual, both these popular playhouses will come out spic and span, after being cleansed from stem to stern and being newly decorated. The hot weather will be but a trifle, for these theaters are well ventilated. Like the Empress, they are equipped with perfect cooling devices, which make them cool during the hottest days or nights.

Theatricals, generally, are looking up this year. Omaha will not have the Boyd theater as usual, but the Brandeis has booked a very fine line of attractions for the season. They will include all that is best in not only the regulation heavy, but also some new things in late attractions that have been keeping audiences in the larger cities satsified for long terms. Ralph Hayward will continue to make his bow and take coupons.

The Orpheum has secured an extraordinary bill for the opening week. Some of the newest things in vaudeville will be presented afternoon and evening for seven days. Mr. Byrne says that, with the war over, many new and pleasing acts will appear on the Orpheum circuit this year. The next week will see Omaha again taking to the theaters, while the park attractions will still offer plenty of amusement for the outdoors devotees.

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